What amusement parks to visit during your trip to Orlando?

A trip to Florida in Orlando is not satisfying if you are not visiting the region's must-see amusement parks such as Universal Studios, Universal Island Of Adventures and Disney Word. There are other amusement parks that deserve a visit to Orlando in addition to these three must-see attractions.

Universal Studios Amusement Park

The Universal Studio Park opened in 1990. This amusement park is based on the theme of the Universal franchise films. By visiting this park, you can find attractions in 2D, 3D and even 4D. In addition, you can also embark on a trip on the back of Transformers or go through Far Fort and rediscover the incredible characters of the cartoon Shrek. However, the park's star attraction remains Diagon Alley, or The Sidewalk, from the world of Harry Potter. Those who enjoy this famous best seller about a young wizard from J.K.Rowling will be delighted to spend time in this park.

The amusement park Universal Island Of Adventures

The Universal Island Of Adventures theme park opened in 1999. This other unmissable park is dedicated to "adventures" with attractions such as Jurassic Park or the world of Marvel comics or the 2nd part of the world of Harry Potter. You can also see the great roller coaster "The Hulk" in homage to the green superhero of the Avengers. For this amusement park, the flagship attractions are the 2nd part of the world of Harry Potter with Hogwarts and its "Forbidden Journey", and "Skull Island: Reign of Kong" the new 4D attraction on the theme of the movie King Kong.

The Disney Word theme park

The third amusement park to see in Orlando is Disney Word. In this park you can see the world of Star Wars, Marvel and many more. Also, in Orlando Disney Word park you can visit the many Disney parks in Orlando on different themes such as animals, the future and science, animated films, cinema, etc. without forgetting the different features that make Disney Word parks unique.

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