Discover Chile in all its dimensions

Want to discover the many facets of the country? During your stay in Chile, discover the different aspects of this country. Located in South America, Chile is a country that has a great diversity of landscapes, cultures and occupations to offer its visitors.

What to discover in Chile during a trip off the beaten track?

When you want to discover all the facets of the country, you need to plan a tailor-made trip to Chile off the beaten track. This is how you will discover all the secrets of this South American country. Bordering Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, Chile is the longest country in South America. It has a coastline of over 6000 km and has many islands in the Pacific, the largest and most remote of which is Easter Island. When you want to travel through this country and discover all its facets, you have to go from north to south, from the Atacama Desert to the southernmost tip of Patagonia. Santiago the capital of the country is a metropolis of more than 6 million people, nestled at the foot of the Andes. It is a modern city that moves day and night and is very active. However, it keeps a romantic side in some of its old quarters. Numerous discos and nightclubs welcome party-goers all night long. The bars are also very cosy and you can have a good time alone or with your friends. If you decide to discover this city outside of the traditional tourist routes, you can visit areas such as Bellavista, San Francisco Church or the capital's national parks. You can also fly to Arica and take the road to Putré. However, you need good organization to discover the different aspects of this country.

A country of geographical contrasts

Chile is a country with great geographical diversity. The difference in landscapes and reliefs of this country is a curiosity that attracts many visitors. But when these landscapes are majestic and of great beauty, each in its own way, you will need more than a tailor-made stay in Chile to discover all the hidden wonders of this country. Santiago de Chile is a city that lies in the valley and is surrounded by the peaks of the Andes and the Costa Cordillera. You can get to Arica by plane. It is a coastal city that lies to the north, in the province of Arica and Parinacota. From there, you will take the road to Putré. This town is at an altitude of over 3500 m, more than 150 km from Arica. In this village, you will discover the beautiful terraced crops of Socoroma as well as the edges of the canyon and its cacti. You will have a very beautiful view of the Nevado de Putré which culminates at about 6000 m of altitude. You will see geoglyphs and petroglyphs. Going up the road, you will arrive at the village of Parinacota and you can visit the Lauca park. You can hike to the lagoons of Cota Cotani and go to the lake of Chungara, which is higher, but below the Parinacota volcano, which peaks at more than 6000 m of altitude. During your Chile trip you can visit other places such as Colchane, Pica and Tierra del Fuego. During your tailor made Chile tour you will discover the gastronomy of the different regions of this country.

The gastronomy of Chile

In Chile, gastronomy is a reflection of the population and its different cultures. The gastronomic specialties of each region are also very varied and you will find something for every taste. During your stay in Chile, discover a variety of dishes that are often very good. Eat cazuela, a stew of beef (lamb or chicken) and vegetables, which is a kind of stew that is served as a starter. You will enjoy the delicious pork ribs cooked on embers in the south of the country. The typical dish of Chiloé Island is the curanto al hoyo. It is a traditional dish that you will enjoy with appetite during your tour in Chile. It is based on seafood, meat, potatoes, etc... You will accompany your dishes with good wines, Chile being one of the world's largest producers. Other drinks such as mote con huesillo, pisco or licor de oro will brighten up your Chile tour.

Plan your trip to Chile

When you want to discover all the hidden or not facets of Chile, you should entrust the organization of your stay to a travel agency in Chile. It allows you to create your trip by finding high quality accommodation in the places you are going to visit. It also takes care of renting the cars you will need and organizes all your escapades in Chile.

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