Special passes to visit New York City

One of the most economical ways to visit New York City is to use Special Passes. There are a multitude of Travel Passes and each one has its own particularity and advantage. Making the right choice is therefore important, because the success of your stay depends on it. In this sense, one should not limit oneself to one choice, but see all the possibilities offered.

The different ranges of passes

In principle, for a trip to New York, there are four groups of so-called classic passes: New York City Pass, Explorer Pass, New York C3, New York Pass. The New York City Pass is intended for people who only wish to visit the great New York classics. The Explorer Pass allows you to have activities à la carte. It includes a maximum of ten activities. The New York C3 is for people who visit New York on business, but who wish to be entertained during their break time. The New York Pass is for those who wish to visit the whole city. At the same time, there are also special transport passes that allow you to have three days of bus transport.

Where can I buy the passes?

You can buy passes through travel agencies. More and more agencies have the option of citypass New York. The advantage is that they will be able to directly transmit information and direct you, depending on the destination, to the range of Passes including activities and transport. But other more modern solutions exist nowadays. All it takes is time to search on the internet. Directly, you make a reservation on sites specialising in the sale of Travel Passes. Of course, you have to take into account various elements such as price comparison, promotional offers, loyalty points or even the method of payment in dollars for the United States. Therefore, it is important to be well informed about currency rates and the U.S. purchase tax system. The more ideas there are, the easier the choice will be provided someone takes the orders.

How to choose the special passes to visit New York?

This may be trivial for many, but very essential. A wrong choice of Pass can be detrimental to the project of going to New York. In the first instance, the best solution is to do a thorough research on the places you can visit. Then make a list of them and then make a plan or an itinerary. And then think about your New York CityPass. It is also possible to use New York City Pass comparison sites to see price trends. This process also makes it possible to make a comparison between the different pass options available on the market, including transportation. It is therefore important to ask the right questions such as: how long do you want to visit New York? What interests us about New York culture? Which tourist site to visit?  How much money do we have to spend? It is also important to ask yourself some questions about passes. What is the cheapest pass? How much activity do you have available? What discounts are available? And don't forget other people's views on service delivery.

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