What souvenirs to bring back from Canada?

After a trip to Canada, the most beautiful memory you can bring back is the unforgettable time you spent there. But there are things you can take back with you from this country to remember your stay forever. Here are some of the things you can take back with you.

Local products

Maple syrup is Canada's signature product. It is also the product that must absolutely be brought back from Canada. But there are also derivatives such as maple sugar (candies), maple butter (spread), maple lollipop, maple taffy, maple cones, maple leaf cookies, etc.. You can also bring back from this country ice cider, Sortilège which is a spellbinding maple whisky liqueur (30% alcohol), Coureurs de bois which is a kind of Quebec Bailey's with maple syrup, Caribou which is an emblematic alcohol of Canada made with wine (or port) and white alcohol; Chicoutai, a blackberry liqueur with 25% alcohol; Trappist Father's blueberry chocolates; cranberries, small red berries with an incomparable taste and numerous therapeutic qualities; Montreal's Smoked Meat, a smoked meat (charcuterie), etc.


As clothing, you can bring back from Canada a lumberjack shirt or the famous red checkered shirt, an arrow belt which is an element of the traditional French-Canadian costume, a cowboy hat, a hockey sweater, T-shirts and jerseys with Quebec expressions printed in souvenir shops, caps or a trapper's hat which is a fur hat with a tail behind (à la Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone).

Other gifts

You can also bring back licence plates from Canada to give your home a touch of Canada. However, you have to look carefully because the real ones are made of metal. You can also bring back road signs or road markings from a road that you particularly liked, or yellow school bus models, or wooden spoons which is a traditional musical instrument used in sugar shacks to play folk music, or a Canadian or Quebec flag that you can also find in sticker, pin, crest, card game, iPhone case, etc., or various objects such as key rings, cups, calendars, stuffed animals, postcards, etc

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