What is cheaper in Canada?

A trip to Canada is an opportunity to change scenery and discover new horizons. But the trip will be even more enjoyable if you can save some money while you are here. Find out in this article what you can do to minimize expenses.

Always look at the exchange rate

The exchange rate is a factor in determining the expenses to be incurred when travelling in Canada. For a period of time, the exchange rate in Canada was 1.15. The exchange rate in Canada was 1.15. The exchange rate in Canada was 1.15. Based on this rate, a $5,000 trip would cost 4348 euros ($5,000 / 1.15). In 2016, this rate was 1.54. Therefore, a $5,000 trip would cost you 3,247 euros, or 1,101 euros less. It is then imperative to choose the period of your stay carefully.  For 2018, this exchange rate is 1.57. It is important to know that the advantageous exchange rate for European travellers is above 1.35 (1 euro = $1.35 Canadian).

Airline ticket to be booked early

Travel experts and globetrotters advise booking a trip to Canada early, and ideally before the end of March. You should book your trip early to take advantage of promotions. In fact, many suppliers in Canada encourage booking their services before March 31 to ensure a minimum volume during the summer. On the other hand, it is advisable to book early since many tourist services set their prices based on supply and demand. So the longer you wait, the less availability there is. And the less availability, the higher the prices. This also applies to car rental and camper van rental. On the other hand, if you book early, you'll have the chance to choose the best room, the most suitable schedule for your activity, the vehicle that best suits your needs, and much more.

The food

Food, in addition to the airfare, is one of the biggest expenses when travelling in Canada. But it is possible to minimize your expenses in this area. You can do this by choosing a picnic. With this solution, you just have to go to a market to buy a few snacks and then head to the place of your choice.

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