Costa Rica: a corner of paradise for nature lovers

Among the countries that attract the most visitors in search of biodiversity and nature, Costa Rica is the first choice. This Central American country is indeed home to an exceptional ecological wealth that is the delight of the millions of tourists who stay there. It therefore seems normal that ecotourism has become the country's primary economic resource. Thus, for people who plan to go to a destination where nature has an important place, organizing a trip to Costa Rica is ideal. And the realization of such a project should not be complicated because the offers of stays to the country of green gold are numerous.

How to visit Costa Rica?

You may not be the only person to love nature and discovery. This is why the offers of stays in Costa Rica proposed by travel agencies are varied. It is for example possible to plan a trip for a single person, a family, a group or a couple. In any case, in addition to nature, the country also offers other activities adapted to all profiles and ages. Thus, once there, tourists can enjoy climbing, canyoning, surfing and many more. And if the traveller is more passionate about history and culture, he will be happy to visit the museums or theatres of the capital. Finally, visiting Costa Rica is also about beaches, volcanoes, forests and mountains.

A natural heritage unique in the world

Its fauna and flora represent the greatest tourist attraction of Costa Rica. There are indeed thousands of plant and animal species that are very well protected. Thus, the country has an important number of parks and natural reserves open to visitors. Currently, 25% of the territory is devoted to national parks, reserves and protected areas. In all, there are 27 national parks, 32 protected areas, 11 forest reserves, 8 biological reserves, 58 refuges and 15 wetland swamps in Costa Rica. Those who stay here will therefore find various species of insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, mammals, plants and trees that may be endemic or uncounted for certain animals. Discovering Costa Rica is therefore an opportunity to fully enjoy nature and biodiversity. And if ecologists see this place as an earthly paradise, it is nevertheless the opinion of simple tourists who know how to appreciate nature. It is the perfect destination for nature lovers.

Infrastructure to welcome visitors

As mentioned above, ecotourism in Costa Rica is highly developed. This implies that the country has the appropriate infrastructure to receive its guests. Thus, during a trip to Costa Rica, one can perfectly have lunch in most of the national parks if one does not want to eat in the capital's establishments. And about what is most often found in the local dishes: beans, potatoes, meat, white rice and seafood are common. On the other hand, the country's hotels also serve international dishes for those who prefer to eat like at home. Afterwards, on the accommodation side, it is possible to sleep comfortably at different budgets. And if you don't want to think about all this, there are travel agencies that take care of it by concocting tailor-made stays.  They plan the stay from A to Z: travel, accommodation, catering, activities and tours, etc.

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